Summer 2019 Interior Design Inspiration

Summer 2019 Interior Design Inspiration

The Great British Summer is upon us and the sun is out (amidst the clouds and rain)! With this in mind, we bid farewell to the trends of Spring and clear the way for the up and coming styles that are set to dominate. 

Bold Black Bathrooms

Bold tones are making an indisputable comeback this summer - but only in the bathroom!

Challenging the traditional muted/pastel shades usually associated with bathrooms, Summer 2019 sees the  introduction of dark, sultry bathroom designs, promoting a high-end experience. Black marble and adornments contribute to the noire atmosphere created by this colour scheme whilst adding a  silver or rose gold indent will majorly enhance the overall tone and feel of glitz and glamour.

At Floors Today, we offer an array of flooring types, ideal for tackling this style; our Typhon and Hestia from the LVT range are ideal for trying to capture this bold look.

Pale Wood Floors

This summer, homeowners will be leaning towards more subdued shades when it comes to flooring for lounges and bedrooms; keep your eyes peeled for Birch and Light Oak;  all set to make a comeback this year. These flooring options reflect more light and create a bright, casual ambience around the room. This aesthetic looks gorgeous with off white/tonal furnishing and contrasts nicely with darker indents (Solid Oak tables, shabby-chic chairs…).

To recreate this style, you could opt for the Ares LVT, a stunning birch in colour or perhaps the Cupid, another muted ash tone. 

Scandi Chic 

Fully embrace the sleek and innovative styles fresh out of Scandinavia this summer. Famed for their minimal but effective designs, Hygge draws influence from art nouveau, art deco and other stylistic approaches throughout the 20th century. Despite this the Scandi movement manages to remain chic and cutting edge rather than relying on recycling trends of the past. pale walls paired with restrained flooring helps create the serene ambience often aimed for within this style, perhaps consider our Ares, Hermes and Athena LVTs and pair it with some minimal, quirky furnishing to recreate that homely, Hygge feel.


Whether you're looking to keep with the Summer 2019 interior design trends or decorate to your own personal style, if you can't find what you're looking for on our website catalogue,  don't worry, as quick chat with our Customer Service team and we will see if we have alternative stock in our warehouse to meet your needs.

Happy interior styling!